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“The pet portrait of Izzy is so beautiful. When I first saw it, it gave me chills! You captured her full personality and the detail is amazing! It is something we will cherish for years to come. Thank you so much for your hard work. The portrait is hung with love in our new home.”

Laura W.

“We were so excited when we saw the portrait of Tabitha. Our family members have commented on how amazed they are by the attention to detail. The details in the portrait most definitely capture her expression and her personality. After she passed away, the portrait means so much to us as a keepsake we will treasure forever. The portrait hangs in a treasured spot on the wall in our living room."

Melvin & Judy M.

“I just received the portrait of Chloe and it is perfect & beautiful! You did an amazing job of capturing what she looks like! My baby! I love it! Thank you again so much."

Sarabeth S.

"Theora, thank you for the portrait of Callie. You have perfectly captured her and having her portrait means so much to us after dealing with her illness and passing on. We still get to see her through her portrait."

Peggy & Casey M.

"Oh Theora, again you have done such an amazing job. You have perfectly captured Sylvester’s little smirk. We can just see his personality shining out in his portrait!"

Peggy & Casey M.

“This looks great! It looks like Shadow and that really means a lot to me. Thank you so much. You do amazing work!”

Amit K.

“As a surprise, my mother created this painting for me. She based it off of Alice in Wonderland & put me in the place of Alice & had the clever idea to incorporate the cats I have had throughout my life into the painting. I was so inspired & impressed - not only by my mother’s skill, but also by her imagination. She truly knows how to capture the essence of people as well as animals. This painting was truly a touching gesture that will be forever significant to me. She very much loves what she does and it shows in the beautiful paintings that she creates."

Kimberly D.

"We felt such a loss when our dog Shelag passed away. He was 17 years old when he died. We commissioned Theora to create the portrait of him shortly after he passed on. The portrait hangs in our dining room where we can see it everyday. Theora has captured his sweet & independent spirit in the portrait & his spirit will live on in our memory every time we see it."

Rosie F.

"WOW! … my Bird of Paradise limited edition print is now framed & hanging on my wall, & this stunning & vivid piece of artwork is absolutely perfect. The pops of red & gold in the accessories I had chosen for my living room redecorating project (even some pillows with flowers & birds), are now pulled together. This is the finishing touch I was looking for to complete my vision, & it is now the focal point of the room. I feel so fortunate that a casual conversation with my co-worker led me to discover your artwork. Thank you for sharing your talent.”

Joni E.

"The portrait that I received of Buggzi is priceless. The attention to detail and the colors are perfect. Theora caught every detail even down to Buggzi’s funny little bouncy ears. Every time I look at the portrait it makes me smile and feelings of happiness fill my heart. She captured and preserved the memory of my best friend."

Jessica M.

"Our cat, Melissa, had quite the personality & at times you would think that she thought she was a person. She had a very aloof attitude with a mind of her own & sometimes appeared to be very condescending & snooty. So the Queens apparel in her portrait seems to be perfect to capture her personality. She lived to be 23 years old & this portrait helps her to live on in our memory every time we see it. Theora has done a very good job of capturing her facial expression."

Kim K.

"One of my newest prints that’s dearly loved and will hang above my fireplace. Theora does amazing work and offers multiple means of purchases (original or prints)."

Bob S.

“Theora, oh what a beautiful job you did on the portrait of our handsome Rocko Boy! You captured him just perfectly, and we will be forever grateful for this."

Denise G.

"After falling in love with this print, I had Theora paint another for me of my Siberian husky. What fantastic work. Thank you Theora for sharing your talent."

Bob S.


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